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5 Indispensable Plugins for Affiliate Marketing Websites - Affiliate Tips for Beginners

5 Best Plugins for Affiliate Marketing Websites – Affiliate Tips for Beginners

Why best plugins for affiliates are a very useful help, I explain to you in my today’s affiliate tip for beginners.

Among other things, I discuss why plugins can save you a lot of time and increase your revenue.

My experiences and 5 personal best plugins recommendations for affiliate marketing websites are also available.

best Plugins for Affiliate Marketing Websites - Affiliate Tips for Beginners

Use plugins

Basically, affiliate marketing is very simple. One links to an affiliate link e.g. on an online shop and if the customer gets there and buy something via this link, you will receive a commission.

That’s why many affiliate newbie manually builds their affiliate links into their articles and pages, which is okay. But over time, the number of articles and pages increases, as well as the number of affiliate programs you use. At some point, you get to the point where this is not so easy to maintain.

Just exchange all affiliate links of one affiliate program for another?

This is not so easy and time-consuming.

Test multiple advertisements against each other in a split test?

Even this is not possible with a manual installation directly into the article.

Optically present the products better and use particularly attractive advertising material?

Since offering the affiliate program itself hardly and if, then it is problematic from a data protection point of view since external scripts are used.

Evaluate the featured products visually appealing?

This is only possible with HTML and CSS.

When using a new affiliate program just quickly outfitting all relevant articles with a link?

That does not work. For this, you have to edit every single article.

Benefits of Affiliate Best Plugins

Such things are much easier to implement with special plugins for WordPress. This allows for special content that is otherwise difficult to do.

But above all, such best plugins save a lot of time, especially with the later maintenance of the affiliate website. And they offer opportunities to earn more revenue.

As an affiliate beginner, you should not underestimate these benefits, as the workload of a website increases over time and therefore, all the options are welcome to reduce it.

5 best plugins for affiliate websites

I have been using plugins on my affiliate websites for many years and have tested a lot. I have removed many, but I have been using the following 5 for a long time and I am very happy with them.

Easy management of affiliate links> Pretty Links

The bigger an affiliate website gets, the more difficult it is to keep track of the affiliate links. But what if a partner program e.g. is ended or you find a better one. Editing each article individually to change the affiliate links is very, very expensive.

Therefore you should use the plugins Pretty Links right from the beginning. This plugin masks links, which is simply a redirect.

It creates a new internal URL X and specifies that this should be forwarded to the affiliate link Y.

Affiliate Website Plugins

An example from this blog here:

I have created the URL https://www.knifeinkitchen.cf/out/jimdo in Pretty Links Lite. If a visitor clicks on it, it will automatically be redirected to this URL by this plugin: https://jimdo.com/dolphin/#ref=a128700

This is my affiliate link and I get a commission if the visitor buys something there.

So you do not build the original affiliate link into your own articles but in this case https://www.knifeinkitchen.cf/out/jimdo

If only the affiliate link changes, or if I want to use another affiliate program, then I do not have to go into every article, but can simply change the associated destination URL in the Pretty Links setting.

Therefore, it is sometimes useful to use a more general internal URL. In this example, https://www.knifeinkitchen.cf/out/jimdo would be better. Then I could just link to another website builder via an affiliate link.

Installing and testing advertising materials> Advanced Ads

In addition to the normal affiliate links, there are many other advertising media that offer affiliate programs. Widgets, banners, forms and more. Never try to install manually. Instead, you should use the plugin Advanced Ads.

This is a plugin, which was originally intended for the installation of banner ads, but also works for other advertising materials.

Here you simply create a new ad and then you can specify where it should appear everywhere. The placement settings are very large and above all automatic, so you do not have to do anything manually on the website.

This is e.g. It is also possible to display several advertisements alternately or only in certain categories. Also, the manual installation of an ad via shortcode is possible.

I include on my affiliate websites any advertising material and ads with this plugin.

Special Advertising and Product Presentation> Amazon Affiliate for WordPress

Amazon has arguably the most popular affiliate program, and I am very satisfied with it as well. In addition, the Site Stripe offers a good opportunity to quickly get an affiliate link.

These integrate scripts and sometimes set cookies on the affiliate website, which is now problematic from the data protection point of view.

That’s why I’ve been using the AAWP * (Amazon Affiliate for WordPress) plugin for years, except for the normal Amazon affiliate links. This offers much additional advertising material without integrating any scripts from Amazon.

So you can with it e.g. Issue bestseller lists and current offers in a specific product category. That does not offer Amazon itself. And just these two things provide me with additional sales and thus income.

But also smart product boxes and comparison tables can be integrated with this plugin into the own affiliate website. More information about the plugin.

Attractive Reviews Boxes> WP Product Review

Anyone who presents or even tests products on his affiliate website would certainly like to integrate a rating. After all, many users like specific numbers when it comes to product recommendations.

For this, I have been using the Plugin WP Product Review for a long time. It provides an easy way to create review boxes and thus to allow an overall evaluation of a product.

The paid Pro version * of the plugin offers some additional features, such as An automatic comparison table listing all reviewed products.

Affiliate keywords with keywords> Auto Affiliate Links

I have some very extensive affiliate websites that contain hundreds of articles. But when I come across a new affiliate program, I do not want to equip dozens of articles with the affiliate links afterward.

That’s where the Plugin Auto Affiliate Links comes in handy. With the help of this plugin, one can automatically provide certain keywords in all articles and/or pages with the affiliate link.

This happens “on the fly”, which means that the plugins does not change the articles, but only automatically provides the relevant keywords with a certain affiliate link during the output of an article.

The possibility of adjustment is also very extensive so that e.g. determine how many keywords per article should be tagged with an affiliate link and whether the same keyword should be linked multiple times in an article etc.

With this plugin, you can very quickly add many affiliate links to your own website, which is why you should be a bit cautious and not overdo it.


With these best plugins, you save work, facilitate the maintenance of your affiliate website and increase your income.

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