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11 Convenient and Free Ways to Content Promotion

11 Convenient and Free Ways to Content Promotion

Do your publications bring enough visits to your website?

11 Convenient and Free Ways to Content Promotion

It can be very disappointing to see how little traffic your latest blog post generates, especially if you’ve put a lot of effort into it. Unfortunately, visitors do not automatically flock to your site, you must support your publications with a good strategy. In this article, you will find several ways for content promotion without spending a dime in the promotion.

Social networks

Social networks are among the sites that generate the most traffic in the world. Facebook ranks 2nd, Twitter ranks 8th and Linkedin ranks 14th according to the Alexa.com website, which tracks web site traffic.

11 Convenient and Free Ways to Content Promotion-Social Media

So it’s no surprise to learn that promoting your content on these networks gives you an opportunity to reach your target audience. In detail, here are 3 ways to achieve this for your business:


Another good way to promote your content is of course emails. On the other hand, e-mails should not be seen as a solicitation tool. It must be used judiciously so as not to annoy your prospects.

11 Convenient and Free Ways to Content Promotion-Emails

In any case, since the implementation of Bill C-28, companies must first ask permission from visitors before they can send them the first email.

Company Website

Your corporate website is a platform that you own and should use to showcase your content.

11 Convenient and Free Ways to Content Promotion

11 Convenient and Free Ways to Content Promotion

1. Publications on the pages of the company

The easiest way to promote your content is to publish it on the pages owned by the company. We are talking here on the Facebook page, the Twitter account, the Linkedin account and the company’s Google+ page, for example. Be sure to post frequently on these networks to reach people who have already shown interest in you. You can post different types of interesting content such as blog posts, photos of your events, or news about your industry. However, always aim to get people to your website, because this is where you can turn your fans/followers into prospects and customers.

On the other hand, it is very important to keep a close eye on these networks, as negative posts or comments from disgruntled visitors are seen by other viewers and must be taken seriously. In addition, everything depends on the industry in which you work, some networks may be better than others. Generally speaking, for B2B companies, the Linkedin network is the most effective way to reach your prospects followed by Twitter. If you are in the B2C you will probably have more success on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

2. Use your employees as ambassadors

Most of your employees are probably active on at least one of these social platforms, so it would be interesting to use the reach of their networks to promote your content. They could be your ambassadors on the web and share your content to reach more people.

However, you need to use a strategy because, in practice, it can be difficult to convince your employees to promote your content on these platforms. So, you have to make them shine positive for themselves if you want them to embark on your project. For example, they will position themselves as experts in their field and thus, they will develop their business networks.

3. Publications in focus groups

Another good practice on social media is to publish your content in groups and communities related to your industry. There are several Linkedin newsgroups or communities on Google+ that include people passionate about the same topic. A good thing to do is to join these groups who share the same interests as your company. You will appear as a leader in your field and increase the chances of generating qualified visits to your website.


4. Newsletters

First, you can offer users the opportunity to subscribe to your newsletters. These periodic e-mail submissions may contain the latest news from your company and industry, in addition to recent posts on your blog. It would be interesting to offer one weekly to your most loyal visitors and one monthly to those who prefer not to receive too much email.

5. The blog subscription

If you have a blog section on your website, make sure it is possible to register with its email address. So those who do will receive all the articles you publish. You can see an example below:

Note that the subscription is not limited only to the blog. You can also use it if you have a vlog (video blog) or podcast (audio).

6. The email signature

Finally, another simple, but little used way is to promote your latest content in signing your emails. I’m sure you send several emails a day, so it would be interesting to take advantage of it. Here is an example:


7. Homepage

First, it would be nice to place a link to your latest content directly on the homepage. It can be clearly visible in the main carousel or in a section provided for this purpose.

8. The footer

It is also possible to place a link more subtly footer as in the image below. We note the links to the last articles of the blog in the third column.

9. Pages products and services

In addition, you can put your new content on the relevant pages of your site. For example, if you have a new article / video / guide on an X topic in your industry, why not put it on the pages of your products and services related to this new resource? This will help the user to better understand what it is and to convince him of your expertise in this area.

10. Calls to action

As we have already mentioned in many of our articles about the inbound marketing methodology, your site needs to get your visitors to commit to your business by downloading value-added content offerings in exchange for their information. Calls to action for presenting these content offers are another way to promote your content.

11. Share buttons

As a result of the different content on your website, it would be interesting also to add the sharing buttons for social networks. A visitor who has enjoyed your article will be able to share it via a network of his choice and once again the promotion of your content will benefit!

In short, there are many ways to promote your content on the web easily and for free. It is enough to have a good strategy and to be rigorous in its application. Tell us what you are doing to promote your content in the comments!

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