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Does Guest Blogging affect Ranking

Does Guest Blogging Affect Ranking? or Just another Link Building Tactic?

SEO Guys have been optimizing the web from long and are familiar with almost every link building tactics. Today this industry has evolved a lot and all those things that were helpful earlier now looks like spam or considered as Low-quality links. Those who explored a bit have adapted Guest Blogging as another effective link building tactic. But for those who were already into Guest blogging – Do this really helps them in affecting their website ranking? or – Search engine considers it as another Spammy Link Building Tactic.

Does Guest Blogging affect Ranking

Here we are going to consider these few FAQ about Guest Blogging.

1. Does guest Blogging affect ranking?

2. Is this a bad link building tactic?

3. Advantage/ Disadvantage of Guest Blogging?

#1. Does Guest Blogging affect Ranking?

The answer is YES but only if we’re doing it properly. Here in Google if we search for Guest blogging definition, then it’ll show this” Someone who posts an article on a blog that is not their own………………”

Somehow we know that whatever we’re doing in Guest blogging is for a single reason “Create quality backlinks”. Everything is Good in it but we have to Avoid few things before starting to get the best from it.

Here are the 3 things to avoid while Guest Blogging.

– Never Disregard Website Guidelines

If you read the guidelines and follow them properly then there is no reason for a webmaster to avoid your post. Follow all the points that are mention on the website and write your content accordingly.

– Don’t Write Different Language

If the blog is in the English language then it’s obvious that the readers or subscribers would be those who understand English. So make sure whatever you are about to submit is in the same language otherwise, the webmaster would reject it or the audience will never show any interest in reading your post.

– Double check your linking

Webmaster knows that everybody needs something in return for a quality post and for that he/she would allow one or two links under the content. Here you’ll get your price, you can easily put your website link on the content and create a quality backlink for your website. But before creating any hyperlink make sure it is relevant to the content. Avoid links that have nothing to do with the content. Avoid this as it could become a huge mistake for your website. Getting links from irrelevant places to consider as spam and not good for any website.

#2. Is this a bad link building tactic?

Guest blogging is not a bad link building tactic but it could become worse if someone does it for the sake of links and spreading spam all over the web. Don’t be a bad Guest blogger, try to understand your audience and if you make this in your practice then it will help you in increasing your traffic even if the site is not ranking.

#3. Advantage/ Disadvantage of Guest Blogging?

Finally, last but not the least. Let’s see what you can gain or lose from Guest blogging.

Why is guest blogging the best inbound marketing strategy?

Advantages of Guest Blogging

– Increased Traffic

Today it’s the most obvious reason but sometimes it is overlooked by the SEO. Instead of just getting the traffic it’s a way to engage with people of same industry, create website authority and awareness. A solid, decent Guest blog can easily arrange the significant amount of people who’ll be interested in your content and website.

– Wide audience to target

The guest post gives you a chance to stand in front of the wide range of audience. Sometimes it happens when your post doesn’t get you much traffic but if you’re doing it well then nothing will go to waste. Your guest post will stay live for a long time and maybe someday another webmaster who see your post would invite you to write for them. Maintain your quality and you’ll see results sooner or later.

-Authority and ranking

Guest blogging is a long-lasting positive effective term for SEO. If someone goals are to increase organic traffic then Guest blogging is the best way to do so. It affects both authority and ranking. The search engine will also give your website some authority if you are doing the guest blog on known websites.

Demerits or disadvantages of guest blogging

After everything you just read, this section is important of all. What are the disadvantages Guest blogging can have?

Read this –

The main disadvantage of guest blogging is that search engine actively searching for sites that allow guest blogging for link building and, if you are so much focused on just guest blogging, then search engine will notice that most of your links are coming from blogs instead of having sites linking to you naturally. In search engine eye if you are getting all the links from blogs and all of them are of the same type then search engine might demote your site for engaging in what is known as spammy practice.


Do Guest posting but make sure the blog is relevant to your theme. Don’t contact blogs who add links under author section. Add links but only at suitable places.

Don’t be a spammer, create content people love to share. 🙂

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