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Blogging Tip 3-Short or Long Articles

52 Professional Tips to Improve Your Blog – Tip 3: Short or Long Articles

As bloggers, there are a lot of opportunities for new content to be provided.

A question which always arises, in this case, is that according to the article length.

Should you rather put on many short articles, or rather on a few long posts?

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52 Professional tips to improve your blog

Blogging Tip 3-Short or Long Articles

Short or long articles?

I now have several blogs and my philosophy is more towards long articles. But as is often the case, you cannot flat-rate and therefore it depends on the situation.

Short and long articles offer different advantages and disadvantages. This should be known to make the best choice for your own blog.

Short articles

Short articles are very popular and found in many blogs.

The advantage is very clear that you can create it very quickly and therefore publish many of these short articles. This is of course especially interesting for bloggers, who only blog in their short-term leisure.

It also depends on the topic of the blog and the expectations of the target group. Many users are not ready to read long articles but prefer short and concise information.

However, this approach also has disadvantages. So a very short article for Google is usually not so interesting. Many short articles differ little in content from the ‘competition’. Especially with news is often placed on very short articles and then it is not surprising that these articles do not rank well in Google.

Moreover, short articles often offer less potential for individualization. However, in order to build a master readership, it needs unique content with a recognizable style.

Long articles

Long articles are often referred to as specialist articles. They go into more detail on a topic and illuminate it in more detail. In addition, long articles are mostly timeless and not so news-related.

This has a very positive effect in the medium to long term, as such articles still rank well in Google and bring visitors after months and years. Thus, an archive full of long articles is somewhat very positive and e.g. A reason for the good visitor numbers on Selbstaendig-im-Netz.de.

In addition, these are often unique and rather give an expert status.

But, of course, the long articles also have disadvantages. They are significantly more complex and require more time. That is why you can not publish so many in a certain period of time.

There are target groups who are reluctant to read long texts and in times of mobile devices, long texts on smartphones can be quite exhausting to read.

The mixture makes it

In my experience, it makes a good mix of short and long articles.

Nevertheless, one should pay attention to the target group and choose the length of the article.

Moreover, there is no reason to find an intermediate solution. These are articles that are not too long, but still contain personal information and personal opinions, not just a copy of other news.

Very well this makes e.g. Caschy by stadt-bremerhaven.de. It is mainly about technology news of all kinds. The author still brings his own opinion or makes connections. This makes the blog so readable and it is not just deprecated news, which also appears on hundreds of other blogs.


Taking into account the target group and the topic, it is usually a mix of short and long articles.

In addition to quickly written articles, there are also timeless specialist articles. This is a good change and you can meet readers and Google at the same time.

As a further reading tip, I recommend the exact insight as I write long articles.

In addition, I have already recorded a podcast on this topic.


If you have only put on very short articles so far, you should be able to trust some or a little longer article. It will be good for your own blog.

The short articles should be a bit more personal and should not only consist of the 1: 1 takeover of news.

The whole week is therefore to find a good mixture of shorter and longer articles.

Short or long articles?

  • Text? I put on audio and/or video.
  • I mainly make long articles.
  • I write primarily short articles.
  • A good mix of both.

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