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Blogging Tips - Use Mind Map

52 professional tips to improve your blog – Tip 4: Use Mindmap

New and good ideas are very important for bloggers.

Whether it’s the actual start of the blog or the daily blogging.

A good way to get new ideas is Mindmaps. In this article, I explain what mindmaps are and how diverse they can be used.

This article is part of the following series:

52 Professional tips to improve your blog

Blogging Tips - Use Mind Map

Tip 4 – Mindmap

A mindmap is quite simple to explain. One simply takes a piece of paper or alternatively one of the many Mindmap tools.

Now write a theme or question in the middle of the blank page. Now, by carrying out a small brainstorming and writing down everything that comes to this concept or question, this structure grows and there are more and more diversions.

Use Mindmap – 52 Professional tips to get your blog up.

Through the writing down of ideas and associations and their linking one comes to more and more ideas, which would not have occurred to one by mere reflection.

And this is how it works for your own blog. You can use Mindmaps for quite different purposes as a blogger.

Blog Topic

Anyone who wants to start a blog can use a Mindmap to find the “right” blog topic.

For this, I would write down all my interests in a mindmap, derive interesting topics for possible articles etc..

In the end, you can clearly see which topic is the most productive and best suited for a new blog.

Find Articles Ideas

But also the regular use of Mindmaps is useful. For example, To discover new topic categories. One writes existing categories and derives from them then suitable new ones.

The ideas for new articles also work very well. For this purpose, for example, A specific target group or a question in the middle and derives from it all possible article ideas, which might interest the readers.

In this way, one move into one’s own readers and comes across so many new articles that one will hardly be able to write them all.

Build on Successful Articles

Another possibility is to take the last 5 articles of your own blog and write their titles in a circle. Alternatively, you could take the 5 most successful articles.

Now, one wonders how to expand the respective article or how to treat individual aspects of it in more detail. Also, issues that arise in connection with this article could be noted down, which in turn may result in a good article.

I use this method, for example, to make whole article series from successful articles.

If you push it further you can, of course, also add new ideas to the newly written ideas. Other contents, e.g. Downloads, podcasts, videos, promotions, games, etc. can be thought of.

Cooperative Opportunities & SEO

Also, away from the actual blog content, a mindmap can be useful. For example, one might consider cooperation possibilities or collect ideas for the link-building.

Well, that works synonymous, if you look for a link partner. Then, while not directly brainstorming, but by collecting e.g. Of blogs on specific topics has a very good base to the network.


Mindmaps are, in my experience, a very powerful tool for bloggers, with whose help you really should never be embarrassed to have any article ideas.

You just have to take the time for it and be willing to think creatively.

I do not do this every week, but every few months I take a few hours. The result is always inspiring and motivating.


Take an evening off and sit down with pen and paper (or the software). Write a typical reader of your blog in the middle and all around you write his desires, problems, concerns and interests.

Now you write about this in each case article ideas, which might please this reader. In the end, you should have a lot of new ideas for articles and other blog content.

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