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52 Professional tips to improve your blog-Tip 2 Start Now

52 Professional tips to improve your blog – Tip 2 Start now

The start of my new article series with 52 professional tips in 52 weeks has arrived very well.

Today I dedicate myself in the second week to the tip “Start now” and go on, why many bloggers wait too long and why that hurts.

This item is part of the following series:

52 Professional tips to improve your blog

Tip 2. Start Now

52 Professional tips to improve your blog-Tip 2 Start Now

Again and again, I get emails from readers who write me something like “I plan to start a blog but still have so many questions …” and the like.

Usually, they are unsure about certain things, want to make preparations or push the start for another reason in front of them.

The result is often that the launch of your own blog is postponed or even longer, and either the blog is not started or you have wasted a lot of time.

Especially when you are unsure how something will work in practice, you should try it, instead of thinking about it forever.

Start quickly

I admit that I am also someone who can not start something from tomorrow. Instead, I let new ideas (for example, for a website or a blog) go through the head first and the idea a bit mature.

But this takes only a few weeks depending on the scope of the new project and then I try to get started as fast as possible.

This has several reasons. On the one hand, you can think about a new idea for a long time and to a certain extent it is also useful, but really know if it works and whether it is fun, you can only when you have started.

In addition, the time needed to make a blog successful also speaks for a quick start.

It often takes months to go through Google in half-way and the creation of a sufficiently large article archive to attract a lot of visitors also takes quite a long time.

In my blogs, it took quite a long time to be successful and I can only live to blog because I started just 7 years ago.

If you wait too long, you can never catch up again. Time is a very important success factor in blogs and therefore one should not waste it.

Not without Planning

However, I would not give the impression that it goes without planning. Sure many bloggers start without planning but usually revenges it later.

So you should be concerned about the topic of your own blog as well as about the appropriate domain.

In addition, you should think about the contents and consider whether you can find new article ideas in the long run and whether you have fun even in a few months to write about the topic.

After these considerations, however, it should start. The many details you can choose as a blogger also very well “on the road” since one is so many experiences that a too precise planning anyway will not stand.


Too long to wait has 2 major drawbacks. On the one hand, you give valuable time, in which you could write articles and move on Google further up.

On the other hand, one can clarify the most uncertainties and open questions anyway only when one starts.

So I can only recommend to anyone who is running the idea of running a blog now. A brief planning and then get started. This is the best way to find out if you are blogging and if so, you did not waste time.

If you are not blogging or you are not content with the topic, you can take the blog back at any time from the net. In any case, you will have gained many important experiences.


This week the task is very simple.

Just start your blog and finally put the theory into practice.

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