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Blogging Tip 14- How To Choose A Perfect Blog name & Domain Name

52 professional tips to improve your blog – Tip 14: Blog name & Domain

One of the first decisions when launching a new blog is the Blog name and the domain.

On what you should pay attention and what influence the domain especially for the blog success, I explain in this article.

In addition, of course, I go back to my experiences.

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52 Professional tips to improve your blog

Tip 14: Blog name & Domain

Blogging Tip 14- How To Choose A Perfect Blog name & Domain Name

The Blog name and the domain are two essential components of a blog. Both of these newcomers will be the first to come up, whether in the Google search results, on the social web, on other websites and blogs or at the latest when they enter their own blog.

It is, therefore, important to have a certain degree of care when choosing Blog name and Domain.

This is all the more so since a later change is not quite as easy. The Blog name is still relatively easy to change, with the domain it becomes already more difficult and more complex.

Tips on Choosing the Blog Name

The name of your own blog should mainly focus on which topic is covered in the blog.

It is true that blogs are often used, Use the name of the blog owner as a domain, or have a completely different name, but in most cases, it is more appropriate to use a thematic name.

One example is my blog “Fashion Vela“, which combines the two main themes, namely independence, and the Internet. This means that the reader is already aware of the problem at Blog name.

This recommendation, however, primarily relates to professional blogs dedicated to a specific topic. If you want to start a purely private blog or start a non-themed blog on all kinds of topics, you’ll be better served with a more common name, your own name or a fantasy.

It is also better to choose a more general name if you are not sure about the thematic orientation.

A fantasy also offers the possibility that one can make a mark with it over time. But that also goes with a thematically focused Blog name, again shows my blog “Fashion Vela“.

In any case, you should not choose the Blog name too tightly. This applies both thematically and temporally. After all, one wants to be open to whether new (related) topics are included later.

An example of a “temporally” restricted blog name would be e.g. “World Cup 2014 Blog”. What if the 2014 World Cup is over?

In addition, you will be restricted to this special event and you may want to report on other events in this sport.

Domain Tips

The same applies to the selection of the domain. But since it is even more difficult with a domain to change this later, one should be careful here more precisely in the election.

As a rule, I prefer the use of thematically matching terms in professional blogs, even if there are examples that the blog has succeeded despite an actually unsuitable domain (for example the blog of Caschy = stadt-bremerhaven.de).

A thematically suitable domain helps, however, synonymous from SEO-view, since Google with these into the ranking. However by far not as strong as before.

Therefore a good compromise between focus and flexibility should be found. Not too tight, so that the blog later development potential, but also not too general (or even inappropriate).

A blog domain should also be catchy. In no case should you put 4 or 5 keywords together? Especially with blogs, one builds itself with the time a certain brand and this should support an accessible and easy to remember domain.

Blog name = Domain?

Should Blog name and Domain be the same? This is not absolutely necessary but often makes sense.

If both are equal, this, of course, supports branding. The readers are more likely to remember the blog and can easily close the domain name (and vice versa) from the name.

Especially with fantasies, however, one should formulate the Blog name more intelligibly or at least add clear content-related information. After all, it is important that the visitor at the Blog name (or the slogan) recognizes what it is on the blog.

My Experiences

I always go the same way when choosing my Blog name and Domains. Since I only trade blogs, the Blog name is a clear term, which awaits the reader in terms of content.

“Self-employed on the Internet”, “Niche Pages Guide”, “Affiliate Marketing Tips”. Clear content orientation and yet handy.

I could have called my blog “experiences and tips of a web designer” because that was the beginning of the content. But now there are also tips for sources of income, various business models, hardware and software etc .. Since “self-employed in the net” fits much better.

Only here in the blog is the Blog name at least not quite so clear. Nevertheless, one recognizes the name “blog project” at least that it is about blogs.

The domains I usually select exactly to match the Blog name.

In general, I take care that the Blog name and the domain thematically make clear why it is, but I still leave some room for me.


The choice of the Blog names and the Domain should be careful.

The orientation of the blog should be considered as well as a certain freedom for later adjustments or extensions.

How did you choose the domain name for your blog?

  • I chose the domain name from the belly.
  • I tried to have the most important keywords in the domain.
  • The domain had to be short.
  • The domain name should be equal to Blog name.
  • I bought an existing domain.
  • I had the domain before and I just took it.

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