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Blogging Tip 15- Answer Questions

52 professional tips to improve your blog – Tip 15: Answer Questions

Originally, the weblog was nothing but an online diary.

But the times have changed, and among many of these private blogs, there are more and more blogs, which are less concerned about the bloggers’ sensitivities than readable content for visitors.

But often bloggers have trouble finding ideas for articles.

In this article, I show a simple way for new article ideas that will captivate the readers.

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52 Professional tips to improve your blog

Tip 15 – Answering questions

Blogging Tip 15- Answer Questions

It’s actually quite simple. Instead of crushing the brain, which might interest readers, you just have to listen.

As a rule, visitors themselves ensure that they know what topics they are interested in and which content they want to read.

In comments, in the forum, in emails or also in the internal blog search, many readers describe their problems, worries, and desires by asking questions.

Of course, you need a few visitors, but then you have an almost unlimited source for new article ideas.

Meet the Reader’s Nerve

The great advantage of this method is not only that you can easily get to new article ideas. The real plus is that you hit the nerve of the readers.

The main reason why people on the web are looking for something and coming to websites is that they are looking for answers. And that is not easy with the multitude of online offers.

This is exactly what is meant by saying that one meets the nerve of the reader.

The answer to a question of a reader is usually also interested in many others.

The Right Balance

Now it is so that we as bloggers, of course, should have fun themselves. A 100% orientation from the wishes, problems or even questions of the readers is certainly not everyone’s thing.

Therefore, I try to find a good balance between my own interests and the focus on the readers.

As a blogger, you should also write about what interests you. And if this fits the topic of the blog, then the chances are good that this also interests the readers.

The bottom line, however, proved to me a good strategy to find a balance of personal interests and concentration on the readers.

My Experiences

When I started blogging, the content was oriented entirely on my interests.

I wrote mainly about my experiences in business start-up and my work as a web designer.

Gradually, the number of readers rose and so did the feedback. And I learned quite quickly that there should also be content that addresses specific questions from the readers.

Since then, I have looked at this combination, also on my other blogs, e.g. This one here.

This also brings a pleasant change and the participation of the readers is increasing.


Reader questions are a constant source for new article ideas.

It addresses the specific needs of the target group, makes it easier to find article topics and bind readers more to the blog.

Therefore you should definitely use this possibility.


Analyze the emails of readers and regularly read the comments on your blog.

Write down questions and make articles.

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