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Blogging Tip 13- Openness of Bloggers

52 Professional Tips to Improve Your Blog – Tip 13: Openness of Bloggers

Bloggers are more in focus than most other website operators.

Readers connect with a blog automatically also the blogger and that brings some advantages with itself.

However, this openness has a downside, which I will also address in this article.

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52 Professional tips to improve your blog

Tip 13 – Openness of bloggers

Blogging Tip 13- Openness of Bloggers

A blog is not an anonymous site, but a rather personal issue.

A classic private blog is by nature personal and gives many insights. But also a professional blog is usually colored personally and that often makes the strength.

The personal opinion of the blog owner, descriptions of examples and experiences, all this makes many blogs so unique and unmistakable.

Nevertheless, this openness can bring disadvantages with you and you should always bear this in mind.


To be open-minded in his blog and to bring his own personality, experience and opinion into his articles bring some advantages:

This is how you create unique content, which is not available otherwise. This improves the chances in Google to rank.

In addition, the recognition of one’s own blog increases when one gives it an individual “painting”.

Among other things, this results in a stronger binding of master readers. You trust people more than anonymous websites.

This confidence can have a positive impact on monetarization. A purchase recommendation is more familiar when you know the person.

With the introduction of the authoring mark of Google, one can build up an author profile, which brings many advantages.

Also on social media platforms personal and individual contributions are often more successful.


However, this openness brings quite a few disadvantages.

Of course, there is also private information. Here you should be careful because once they are on the web, you hardly get them out again.

There is a certain vulnerability. There are always envy and trolls that attack an open-minded blogger rather than the “invisible” operator of a normal website.

If one wants to sell the blog times or more organizationally (and write other writers) it comes to the effect that the readers connect the blog very strongly with the blogger and then could see the negative.

All in all, the disadvantages are manageable and if you take care of what you are online (price), then it should not come to bigger problems.

My experiences

The success of my blogs is certainly due to the fact that I have my own experiences, examples and, of course, my opinion in my articles.

From the beginning, this has ensured that the content on my blogs was unique. In addition, I have built up a certain trust in the respective industry.

However, this is a two-edged sword. I am not really the type that must necessarily be to the public. I like to do my work, write articles and I also like to contact readers. But if you become more well-known, then unfortunately always calls again envy on the plan.

In addition, the queries have increased by mail and telephone and this costs a lot of time. These worries have not an affiliate with many small niche websites. The “flies under the radar”.

But I do not want to complain. Overall, I’m in a great situation and if you pay attention to what you publish, that goes as well.


As a blogger, you should personally contribute to his articles, as this offers many advantages.

However, one should always pay attention to how far one goes, because the Internet forgets hardly.

How open are you on your blog?

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