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Blogging Tip 12- Don’t Feed the Trolls

52 Professional Tips to Improve Your Blog – Tip 12: Don’t Feed the Trolls

You can improve your own blog not only through technical optimization or new content.

It is also about how to deal with the readers and which “blog culture” one cultivates.

Disturbing peace and trolls are unfortunately to be found on the Internet again and again and they do not stop even before their own blog. How to deal with this and why I have hardly any problems with it, you will learn in this article.

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52 Professional tips to improve your blog

What are trolls?

Blogging Tip 12- Don’t Feed the Trolls

Trolls are called on the Internet those users who are stupid. They usually only take part in discussions or write comments to insult others or to cause unrest.

Now, basically, nothing is to be criticized against criticism, which is even important. But, of course, it depends on the “how”. Moreover, criticism is only helpful if it is comprehensible and constructive.

Trolls are not interested in this. The more dust they stir, the happier they are.

Stay calm

This is why the first rule is “Stay calm”. If I sometimes read such a troll commentary that becomes personal or something that is not true at all, I would rather write a suitable answer.

However, that brings nothing, because exactly the Troll wants yes. That is why it is important to remain calm and breathe through.

Often it is also not worth answering. Ignoring is almost the worst of trolls because they want attention. If they are not given to them, they usually disappear very quickly.

And if such a comment really times under the belt line, then one may also like to delete. Insults and accusations do not have to be published.

How to get into the forest…

In the long term, you can also do something against trolls.

The above proverb also applies to blogs. A certain style attracts the appropriate readers. So, if you beat yourself over the strings and become personal, you do not need to be surprised if you get the appropriate comments.

Conversely, it is often the case that a calm and respectful tone attracts readers who are similar.

In other words, you can use your own blog style to create the basis for trolls.

My experiences

In my blogs, I tried to implement a respectful and friendly style from the beginning.

I am sure this is in my blood as I treat others as I would like to be treated. And since I make no difference between online and offline.

Accordingly, I have little trouble with trolls, but one can never quite avoid. The above tips for dealing with these visitors have always helped.

And so I am convinced that many of my readers appreciate the fact that this is a matter of fact and friendly, from all sides.


Trolls are a problem on the Internet, but you can do a lot to avoid luring them or moving them back.


Do you have problems with trolls? Before you always blame the others, you should analyze whether your own blog style attracts trolls.

Usually, the medal has two sides and it is not always just the others who are to blame.

In addition, it is necessary to rethink their own handling of trolls. Those who react at the same level feed the trolls and they are happy to come back.

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