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52 Professional tips to improve your blog-1 Picture

52 Professional Tips to Improve Your Blog – Tip 1. Pictures

Today I start a new article series on M.A.Khan.

Every week, a new tip will appear in 2017 on how to improve your own blog.

More information about this new series and the first tip you will find below.

This item is part of the following series:

52 Professional tips to improve your blog

52 Professional tips to improve your blog

In the last few years, I have collected many small but useful tips.

These are so many and they all have an impact on blog success, even if few of them are really K.O. criteria.

In this series, I would now like to briefly describe 52 such tips, so you have something to work on every week.

1. Pictures

An important building block on the way to success with your own blog is uniqueness. One’s own blog has to be special to get out of the mass of blogs.

52 Professional tips to improve your blog-1 Picture

One way to achieve this is to use more images.

One builds into the own articles appropriate pictures, which fit the topic and are also still interesting. The fact that this is not always so easy, I can confirm from my own experience, but it is worth it.


On the one hand, one gets attention with pictures. An article with an image, which is also displayed in the article preview (for example in the feed, in Social Networks or on the homepage), is usually clicked on.

If the picture fits the article or if it even sets a provocative counterpoint, the attention of the readers is guaranteed.

In the meantime, a good part of the readers go to the Google image search on their own blog and therefore you do with pictures also what for the search engine optimization.

Visual support

However, images are often very good for visual support of the text. Screenshots, diagrams, infographics and more serve to better represent the written information.

This not only ensures that the articles are better understood but also increases the satisfaction of the readers.

Not to forget that some articles are based entirely on images (galleries …) and one should not miss this kind of content.


However, you should be careful when you put on pictures on your own blog.

I use only my own photos or access to paid picture agencies (Fotolia …).

If you simply take pictures from the web, from Google or from other websites, you can “look forward” to copyright warnings. This is not only unnecessary and annoying, but also expensive.

Therefore you should think well before you use pictures in your articles.

Even “built” text images, e.g. In this article, are also eye-catching, legal but safe.


This week, the task is as follows: Write new articles and build eye-catching and/or matching images.

Good luck with it and to the next tip.

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