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Blogging Tip 19- Google Authorship

52 Professional Tips to Improve Your Blog – Tip 19: Google Authorship

Google has recognized that not websites or blogs publish content, but authors.

That’s why the “Google Authorship” feature was introduced a while ago.

What is this and why you should use it as a blogger, you will learn in the following.

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52 Professional tips to improve your blog

Google Authorship

Blogging Tip 19- Google Authorship

This feature allows you to link articles/content to a Google+ profile. Google not only recognizes who is the author of the article but can also assign content from different sources to an author.

In addition to this, in many search results, your own profile is displayed next to your own search result and a few other information.

But what does it do at all?

What is the meaning of the Google Authorship label?

Google Authorship For one, it first brings more attention in the search results.

For most search results, there is no representation of the profile image and therefore, of course, these entries have more attention. However, the profile should be likable and invite to the click. A higher click rate and more visitors in their own blog are (often) the result.

But there are other advantages. It is also possible to build an image as the readers of the articles now have a picture in mind and link the content even more with the author. This makes sense as a blogger, but also, of course, when you publish in different Internet projects.

In addition, the connection with Google+ is interesting, since you are also more involved there and finally it is the second largest social network in the world.

And, last but not least, Google’s confidence in this measure will certainly increase. And this is not the worst.

However, this link is also very much in the public and binds even more to Google. One or the other may not like it.


There are several ways to incorporate this author’s label. A guide from Google is there for it, of course.

If you use the wpSEO plugin, you can also make the necessary entries on your own blog. This makes the matter more comfortable, of course.


I can recommend it to anyone because the advantages clearly outweigh.

More visitors are the result, but also the other advantages are not to be despised.

However, it takes something until the first such marked search engine entries appear and there is no guarantee that this will be the case with all search results.

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