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Blogging Tip 18- Interviews

52 Professional Tips to Improve Your Blog – Tip 18: Interviews

Blogs live on new articles and mostly come from the blogger itself.

A special feature is the interviews, which are published in text form.

Why you should have an interview for his blog and a few tips on how to do this in this article.

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52 Professional tips to improve your blog

To Hold an Interview

Blogging Tip 18- Interviews

I have been using interviews in writing for many years on my blogs and have had very good experiences with them.

I regularly publish new interviews with companies, self-employed, web designers, developers and much more.

Audio interviews, on the other hand, are not my thing. The technical effort is higher and you have to find the time and a common date, without interruptions. In addition, it is better to have a text from SEO.

Why Interviews?

The advantages are manifold. For example, For a relatively little separate writing work a detailed new article.

In addition, interviews often provide interesting insights and you get views, experiences, and opinions from others. This provides for variety and extends the spectrum of the blog.

Not to be underestimated is the effect that is created by the readers. Anyone who conducts interviews is often perceived as more successful and an expert in his niche.

And, last but not least, interviews create valuable new contacts.

Interview partners

To find interview partners at the beginning may not look so easy, but that is actually not so difficult.

2 Requirements should be met, however, to find someone who agrees to the interview.

On the one hand, you should already have some traffic, because the interview partner would like to have something of course. And reach is usually the most important.

On the other hand, one should inquire especially with persons/company from the own thematic branch. The chance of a commitment is higher.


Classical interviews are conducted personally and so one can then also respond to responses from the counterpart.

However, I generally do mail interviews, where I ask questions and the interview partner answers them all at a time.

Therefore you should prepare well:

  • A previous telephone conversation is often quite useful to talk about the topics and to come up with ideas for questions.
  • In addition, I look at the blog or the website of the interview partner more closely and also search there for points of approach for questions.
  • Finally, I wonder what readers would like to know about this person.

After that, I create around 10 questions and send them to the person, asking for detailed answers.

Less than 10 questions will make it a very short interview. More than 10 questions, on the other hand, scare the interview partners mostly, because of course, it takes something to write down the answers.


Interviews can enrich a blog, broaden the range of topics and provide important contacts.

Therefore, I recommend every blogger this opportunity to use.


Think about potential contacts and create a list of people and companies that are eligible. Then write the first one and ask if there is interest in an interview.

Gradually, you become more experienced with the questions and once you have some interesting interviews online, new conversation partners are also more willing to do so.

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