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How to write attention grabbing headlines for blog posts

How to write attention grabbing headlines for blog posts

How to write attention grabbing headlines for blog posts

In the blink of an eye, a potential reader decides whether or not to read your post. Writing headlines that grab the attention of your reader; inspire them to open the link and keep them throughout the article or blog posts are not difficult if you follow few simple suggestions.

1- Ask a question

Most of the people who come to read your blog, are reading it because they have a problem and want a solution to it. Can you address their problem in your headline?

Ask a question in post heading
This is a great way to get them to start reading your blog. For example, the blog posts on A clinic which want to target people who have health problems have headlines like ‘What causes insomnia? ‘Do you have dental problems?’ etc. are good headlines which address the problems that their customers have.

2- Keep it Brief

Keep Post Heading in Brief

Headlines that are less than seven words, with three to five of them having the most grab ability are quickly becoming popular. Twitter keeps the post to a limited 140 characters. The trick is that you want those three to five words to count and have the most punch. In a Twitter environment: Brief is Better.

3- Get to the Point

Titles that are clear and concise and get right to the point of the post generally have a lot of impacts. Be brief but tell readers what they will learn by following your post.

Get to the Point in post Heading

Write in an active voice to inspire the reader to act – to open the link and read your post. For example, the blog post ‘What causes Insomnia?’ directly talks to people who have sleep issues.

4- Offer a Tip

Offer a Tip in Post Heading

Titles that give the reader some insight or a suggestion on how to do something better or tips on how to accomplish a task are useful and keep your reader to the end. At the same time, titles that indicate a solution to a particular issue or problem is equally likely to be read.

For example Top 5 Hotels!

5- Be Dramatic

Be Dramatic in Post Heading

Headlines that engage the readers’ interest and inspire them to read on are more successful.

Don’t be afraid to be too over the top. Readers stick around for titles that hit them emotionally, thoughtfully or sensationally.

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