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Where Should Your Backlink Appear1

Where Should Your Backlink Appear

Where Should Your Backlink Appear1

Creating quality backlinks for your SEO is not as straightforward as you may think. You may know link directories are pretty much useless now, and you may know you will only gain recognition with Google from backlinks within relevant websites. So, you have found a quality website, has a good Google PR, has quality unique content, well shared and followed across social media platforms, so where do you want your backlink?

Paying For Advertising

Paying For Advertising

There are many well-established websites on Google that have great content and earn themselves a good Google PR score. These websites often sell advertising on their homepage in order for you to receive a high-quality backlink for your SEO. Most of these backlink adverts are only for a standalone backlink in the sidebar or footer. This will not help your SEO much, and the higher quality websites can charge a small fortune to place your backlink on their site.

Having your keyword inserted in a list of other websites keywords, within the sidebar or footer does not look natural at all. Google will only give you credit for creating quality, relevant and natural backlinks, so paying a website a small fortune for a standalone backlink will not do your SEO much good.

Where Should Your Backlink Appear?

To get the most out of your link building, you do not need to spend much at all. In fact, nothing in most cases. When creating your backlinks, the most important factor to remember is, your links need to be in the main content area. You will get very little credit from having a backlink in a footer or sidebar. Your link building campaign needs to focus on getting your links on the website’s main content area. This is what Google pays attention to when crawling a web page. Below gives you a better understanding of where your links should be.

Backlink Appear in the main content

Having a standalone backlink within the main content area still will not give you much credit with Google. Your link ideally needs to be surrounded by quality, relevant content. If this is not possible, within the author byline.

How Is This Possible?

Guest Post is best source for getting backlink

As I mentioned previously, you can spend very little or next to nothing with your link building. Guest blogging allows you to create links within a quality websites main content area. You can build up your author profile by creating and offering relevant websites your content. Your content needs to be of a high quality in order for websites to publish your post. The better the content, the more powerful your backlink will be.

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