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Professional Blog Tip 8- Respect

52 professional tips to improve your blog – Tip 8: Respect

The web is open and free and offers so many ways to have fun.

However, this freedom also brings shadows with itself and often enough to behave users next to insult others etc.

This can spoil the fun of a blogger, but there are also bloggers, who beat themselves over the strings.

Therefore I would like to treat the topic “Respect” in this article and describe my tips and experiences.

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52 Professional tips to improve your blog

Tip 8 – Respect

Professional Blog Tip 8- Respect

First of all, I would like to say that this article only describes my opinion. Who does not see this differently does not have to listen to me. However, I have had good experiences with my approach and therefore one should at least times think about it.

Each medal has 2 sides so it is also with the respect. Many internet users complain that they are treated with disrespect, but are not themselves better.

Therefore, I would like to consider the topic from 2 pages.

Show respect

Before you should expect respect from others, you have to start with yourself.

There are some things that I think should not be for traffic. At least not if you want to build a stable and successful blog in the long term.

This also means that you should not be reluctant or disrespectful. This may bring short-term attention and traffic, but in the long run, it brings disadvantages.

Not only is it possible to prevent valuable contacts and discourage some of the potential readers, you can also get the trolls on your own blog.

“As one calls into the forest, it sounded out.” It is said and who does not want to experience any disrespect of others, should also stick to it.

To get respect

This is the basis for getting the respect of others.

Who treats friendly and fair with others, is usually treated as well. This also means that one should deal with negative criticism and disrespectful behavior sovereignty.

Whoever gets down to the level of some comments does not have to be surprised when things really get going.

“Do not feed the troll” is a good maxim because troublemakers lose interest quickly if no one reacts to them.

In the long term, new opportunities, contacts, and opportunities often arise when someone is known as someone who treats others respectfully. Further, e.g. Of companies with regard to advertising and other cooperation.

My experiences

I have been trying to be respectful from the beginning, independently on the net. This is simply in my character since I also meet everyone offline first with respect and do not like personal confrontations.

Unfortunately, some of them separate and behave online much worse than offline. But I did not get infected.

In addition, I have noticed that one’s own behavior as a blogger attracts similar reader groups. Who is disrespectful in his blog also attracts trolls and disrespectful readers (not only of course).

On my blogs, however, I always tried to be fair and this also applies to 99.9% of my readers.

Of course, the topic and the target group are certainly important, but as a blogger, you are largely responsible for who is moving on your own pages and how they behave.


Whoever expects respect from others should behave respectfully. This does not mean, of course, that others cannot and should not criticize, but it is about the ‘how’.

I personally have had good experiences with it and find it so much more pleasant to blog as if I had to constantly with Trollen and co.

In addition, it brings some advantages in the long term, so that one can become more successful than leaving a constantly burnt earth behind.

In the end, however, everyone has to do as he or she thinks fit.


Just think about how you deal with others and whether this is how you want to be treated.

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