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Blogging Tip 7- Optimal Writing Frequency

52 professional tips to improve your blog – Tip 7: Optimal Writing Frequency

How often should new articles appear on the blog?

This question is posed by many blog beginners.

In this article, I give tips on the optimal writing frequency and of course, I describe my own approach and my experiences.

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52 Professional tips to improve your blog

Tip 7 – Optimal writing frequency

Blogging Tip 7- Optimal Writing Frequency

Many blog beginners always ask me about the perfect approach. What is the perfect domain to look like? How long should a perfect article be a? How to design a perfect headline? And so on.

My answer is always the same: There is no perfect domain/article length / Headline / …

This also applies to the write frequency. There is not the ONE that is optimal for everyone. Instead, it is your own optimal way to find.

Much helps a lot?

Often you hear that you have to publish many articles in his blog to be successful.

Even I write on self-endig-im-netz.de for years every day at least one article, often even more. And there are many blogs that open even more articles a day.

Nevertheless, I would not say flatly that you have to blog a lot to be successful, even if it brings advantages:

  • Many daily articles, of course, bring many current visitors.
  • There are often more links and shares in social networks.
  • In a certain time, of course, a larger archive is created, which in turn brings more stable traffic
  • Many readers appreciate a certain reliability or regularity.

The majority of my visitors reach me via “old” articles. This makes the traffic stable and I can live with other things from my blog because the article archive is so extensive by the daily blogging.

However, the writing of many articles also entails disadvantages:

  • Many bloggers write only in their spare time and since it can be stressful if one wants to blog daily.
  • The quality of the individual articles can be quite painful if you prefer quantity.
  • Often times is simply the time to blog daily. Finally, you have to think about, research, edit etc.
  • If there are too many items in a short time, there is a risk that individual items will be lost.

Many articles have to publish and therefore advantages and disadvantages.

Google, readers and their own nerves

In order to find your own optimal writing frequency, you should consider several factors.

Google is certainly a factor because with each new article you usually get a new search result, which in turn brings more visitors (even and especially long-term).

If you want to live from your blog or at least make some money, it is important to increase the traffic.

At the same time, however, your own readers are equally important. What content do they want? How important are current news? Is the competition high to which the readers could migrate?

The environment plays an important role. I know Internet users who want only small info. But then, of course, many of them a day. Others are more long and detailed articles.

Last but not least, you should pay attention to your own wishes. How often do you want to write yourself and what do you want to achieve with your blog?

Time deficit

An often heard a reason for a few articles is “time deficit”.

Even if this is partly true, I still see that some of them persuade themselves.

There is enough time for shopping, gambling, hanging out with friends, watching TV, being on the social web, etc.

So it helps if you really honestly analyzed, how you spend your spare time and then you consider whether you spend some half an hour would not rather invest in the blog.

From my experience, I can say that a certain regularity helps. If for example, Every Monday makes an article to write, it falls with the time easier.

If you do not have a regular time, but still want to publish something regularly, you can prescribe articles when there is time.

My experiences

I run self-employed on the net since February 2009 and this blog here since the end of 2011.

I have almost managed to blog on SiN daily and appear on M.A. Khan 2-3 articles a week.

This also works only because I am independent and I can do that during working hours. If I would do this besides a normal job in my free time, I could not control this output, especially because I tend to put on longer articles.

At the beginning, it was quite difficult for me, and every article was a hard birth. By regular blogging, however, this has become much easier and now I need significantly less time per article.

Still, I do not want to write too many articles. On the one hand, I would be too much leaching. On the other hand, as a blogger, there are other things to do (social web, marketing, contacts …) to make the blog successful.

Especially since I already one or the other blog has thrown out of my feedreader because I have too many articles appeared in a short time.


What is the optimal writing frequency, everyone has to find for themselves?

However, I would definitely recommend publishing regularly. Dear regularly an article in the week, which is special and quality, then in a week times 4 short contributions and then 2 weeks nothing.

One should keep the time well and always look out for article ideas. Then you can start writing immediately if you have time.

It is very important that it is fun and does not degenerate too much in work (even if a little discipline helps if you do not really feel like writing). This is the only way to stay in the long term.


Analyze your current writing frequency and consider whether it is optimal to achieve your goals.

If you do not have a regular write rate, then use a plan and set fixed time to establish a regular writing frequency.

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