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Blogging Tip 10- News Or Timeless Content

52 professional tips to improve your blog – Tip 10: News or Timeless Content

The blog is not the same blog.

Among other things, blogs differ in their content.

Thus, many blogs employ e.g. especially on news, while others tend to build on timeless content.

In this article, I would like to take a look at these two basic content types, highlight the advantages and disadvantages and describe my experiences.

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52 Professional tips to improve your blog

Tip 10 – News or Timeless Content?

Blogging Tip 10- News Or Timeless Content

This article is not about specific topics, but rather about the preparation.

Thus, as a blogger, for example, on computer topics in the most diverse ways.

Some people write mostly news about new releases. Another person prefers to report on the background and write, for example, Articles for repair.

What is now better overall, you simply cannot say. It is clear that the approaches are clearly different and involve their own advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of News

News bloggers are very active and remain at the pulse of their industry. That is clear because who brings the latest news as the first, can take a lot of traffic.


  • News offers a very large traffic potential, of course also depending on the topic, with which one is occupied. But whoever brings the first news can get many visitors.
  • There is always news. Thus a news blogger rarely has a content problem.
  • If you are very active, you can be at the front. News blogger is complex and exhausting, but it also makes sure that everyone does not.
  • Companies are attracted to good news bloggers. This, of course, offers, among other things, a greater potential for ingestion.
  • As a news blogger, you can succeed very quickly.
  • For social media, current news is of course very good.


  • It is very hard to always check if there is a news. A complete shutdown is difficult.
  • You have to be the first. Those who publish their news 30 minutes later have already lost.
  • You live from the current articles. Almost nobody wants to read old news.
  • Without special news sources or abilities (I know someone who can speak Japanese and play games from Japan), it will be hard to get through.

There are quite advantages and disadvantages when working as a news blogger.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Timeless articles

But also the writing of timeless articles, ie articles, which are still long after their publication, has advantages and disadvantages.


  • You get traffic from Google and other sources long after the release.
  • With timeless articles, you can get rid of the competition and publish unique articles.
  • You can share your own time more freely since you are less dependent on external things.
  • Even if you do not blog for a while, you still get good traffic through the article archive.
  • With deep, timeless articles you can build a reputation as an expert.


  • It usually takes longer to build traffic.
  • As a rule, there will be no major traffic jumps.
  • You get less news and information from companies.
  • It usually takes longer to write timeless articles, since you have to research more.

Timeless articles also have advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, it turns out that it is a completely different approach.

The mixture makes it

There are, of course, pure news bloggers, but I think in many cases a mixture useful.

In addition to news, which covers up-to-date topics, you can also compile longer, timeless articles that illuminate the background and provide tips.

The advantages of both formats are exploited and at the same time, the disadvantages are mitigated.

My experiences

I am more of the timeless blogger. On self-employed in the net and also here in the blog, it is mostly about professional basics and tips, which have a long-standing. Rarely I take up a current topic and even then I’m not the first to report on it.

One reason for this alignment was that I did not want to slave to my blog. If there is already a lot of work and writing but at my appointed times.

I know some News blogger and this stress and the hunt for the latest news would be nothing for me.

Meanwhile, I have built up a large archive of blog articles and these are 95% timeless articles. Many visitors (only around 20% of visitors come to newly published articles) are responsible for this, which means that visitors will be very satisfied.


Whether timeless articles or current news is above all a question of personal decision. Both offer opportunities, but it also has disadvantages.

It is important to weigh it out and make its own decision.


Look at your articles and analyze which group they belong to.

Could perhaps timeless articles do well for your news blog?

Would some news be a good loosening of your professional blog?

Or would it even be time to make a complete change of course?

Analyzing your own situation is always the first step towards improvement.

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