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My 24 best blog tips and tricks for beginners
My 24 best blog tips and tricks for beginners

My 24 best blog tips and tricks for beginners

My 24 best blog tips and tricks for beginners

Blog Tips for Beginners There are felt as many as blogs. So why another tip collection? Quite simply, many blogging tips are aimed at advanced bloggers or those who want to earn money with their blog and do not need local marketing. I have put together blog tips that are especially relevant when you are just starting out and want to advertise your business, your consulting agency or your personal service on the Internet with your blog.

Especially when you first start blogging, you have many questions. My best blog tips for beginners, I have carefully compiled for you in this post. If you have any further questions, please let me know.

Blog Tips 1 -Use WordPress to blog

Especially if you are not very experienced in dealing with the Internet or the computer, you will be thinking about whether one of the classic blog platforms such as WordPress.com, Blogger, Tumblr or a modular like Wix or Jimdo is enough for you. Many Internet providers also have their own modular systems.

These have all their permissions, nowadays they do quite decent work but they are still nothing for you! You can read more about this in my article in the marketing logbook, It is possible to create professional websites with a homepage kit.

A crucial disadvantage of all these systems is that you can not use the additional programs (plugins) that make marketing on the Internet possible and comfortable. Furthermore, they generally do not offer any reasonable connections to the usual e-mail marketing systems (mostly from the Anglo-American area) (which is important, I explain in a later blog contribution).

Especially for beginners, it seems smart that they can start here free of charge. But look exactly what is offered to you free of charge! Anything you really need for business use is subject to additional costs. Quickly you will pay here as much as with a self-hosted blog – or even more! A separate domain, more storage space, plugins, modifiable templates, search engine optimization – all you have to pay extra. Since you can also hand right hand.

In Affenblog, the decision for a different platform than WordPress is described as the worst mistake.

Many owners of local companies have started with a classic blog platform and then switch to a separate WordPress installation. The well-known painter’s deck, for example, has only taken this detour. So do it right from the start – it saves you money, time and effort.

Blog Tips 2 – Choose a domain with your main keyword

My 24 best blog tips and tricks for beginners-bloggingGoogle Search resultIf possible, search for a domain with your main keyword. Even though this is only one of some 200 factors that Google uses to determine your posts in the search results, it remains an important factor. Look at such a single search result! If the search word is in the domain, Google highlights it in the snippet (a single search result) bold. For the seeker, this is an important signal that tells him: This is really about the topic I’m looking for.

Blog Tips 3 – Search Your theme carefully

Your theme is the layout or design of your blog. If you have installed WordPress fresh, a default theme is already given. Typically, it is “Twenty-Any-Year” and depends on when you downloaded and installed WordPress for the first time. These themes have the advantage of being clear and concise. Unfortunately, they also use a lot of people and your blog looks like many others. For my other blog, the marketing logbook itself has been such a theme for many years, because the marketing logbook is not for me the purpose of customer generation, but the customer relationship and serves as a »showcase« for my seminars, which I for example The Business Academy Ruhr at the industrial and commercial chambers.

In contrast to this application scenario, you want to win new customers with your blog. So make yourself pretty!

Blog Tips 4 – Find your topic

If you start blogging, you are probably still looking for your topic. As early as possible, think about what you want to blog about. It is better to narrow the topics (initially) and expand them later. Your readers will tell you what they really care about and what they want to know about you. Try to fill a niche and blog about something from your industry, what no one else does.

Blog Tips 5 – Align the content with the interests of your readers

My 24 best blog tips and tricks for beginners-Align the content with the interests of your readersBoredom When you get started, you know what you want to write, but you can only make assumptions about what the readers are really interested in. The first contributions can only be made on the basis of your assumptions and research. But very soon you will get the first comments and feedback. You should read this very carefully to draw your conclusions. Also, the statistics on your blog help you to find out which topics are really interesting for your readers. You can do everything on your blog, but not, your readers are bored!

Blog Tips 6 – Blog strategically with an editorial plan

Strategy wins the battle. This is why you should blog strategically and create an editorial plan with which you keep track of your written and planned posts. Also, it is always easier to post a contribution if you know what you want to write about. Everything that is still fundamentally important for an editorial plan, I have summarized in my blog contribution “Why you have to create an editorial plan”.

Blog Tips 7 – Post your posts and use the 24-hour sample

You can write your blog post directly in WordPress. With the new deflection-free editor mode, this is quite comfortable. I still advise against this.

You would not be the first one, in which suddenly the caching in WordPress for some incomprehensible reason does not work. Quickly the work of one, two or even three hours is shot into Nirvana.

When you write directly to WordPress, you also tend to press the “Publish” button too quickly. Especially at the beginning, you will be glad to have finished an article at all, and then he should “get out” as soon as possible. But this is not wise. It is better to give your contribution a certain maturity. 24 hours are ideal, if you have more experience in writing, it also does a shorter phase.

In any case, you’ll find it easier if you submit your blog articles first. With what program you do, is left to you alone. Many write in Word or Writer. It is also important to write with Google Docs because you do not have to worry about storing it, and you can access your texts with any browser (this may be important should your PC suddenly refuse service). I like to write my blog contributions in the program Scrivener, but I have also experimented with EverNote. The write-free writing program is also suitable.

If your blog entry is finished, you leave it resting for a while, with a fresh look you look at it again. Stupid formulations, grammar and spelling mistakes can be found very quickly. You can also read and hear your text aloud.

Blog tips 8 -Post only your best posts

Class instead of mass is the key keyword! If you are dissatisfied with a blog post, do not publish it. Put him in the first place (not delete!) And let him mature. After a resting phase and thorough reworking, you will be able to use it.

I am often so that I plan a blog contribution and prepare and when I then write to begin to realize that this is not the right contribution. Then he remains in the current state and I write the post, which is just easier for me. This is usually also better. And your readers deserve the best contribution you can write.

Blog Tips 9 – Investigate thoroughly and write in detail

Just beginners make the mistake of looking too fast a contribution as “done”. The contribution is still not really in depth. 300 words should have a blog contribution at least. Many things are difficult. From 1000 words onwards, Google assumes that you have comprehensively edited and illuminated a topic (and rewards it with a better ranking). The trend clearly leads to longer contributions. You will notice that you can write long posts only if you have previously thoroughly researched and know what you want to write about.

This post here is really long and has more than 3300 words.

Blog Tips 10 – Find your style

Every blogger should have his own writing style. It is best to have your style even if you do not blog under your own name. But you must have already written a lot.

Pay particular attention to the fact that you

  • Clear paragraphs,
  • Your sentences do not become too long,
  • You switch between long and short sentences and thus control the reading,
  • Do not use too many minor sentences,
  • The correct spelling and grammar does not forget,
  • Lists such as these are used here,
  • And also to incorporate emphases that help the reader in fast scanning (scanning).

Blog tips 11 – Optimize your texts for people and search engines

The term “search engine optimization” has already met you. As important as the topic is, let’s assure you that you are doing a lot of things automatically when you write your post with your reader. Jonas Tietgen has a great series on search engine optimization on his blog WP Ninjas. Before I repeat everything, read with me. If you want to go deeper into the topic, I recommend reading the online magazine Suchradar.

Blog tips 12 – Write and publish regularly

Every successful blogger will assure you that it is more important that you blog regularly than blogging a lot. So do not be put under pressure like “I have to blog every day”. You think as an operator of a business or as a consultant or service provider anyway. Better, you blog only once a week, or even once every fortnight, than that you start out the contributions like a machine gun and after a short time must realize that your revolver has loading inhibition. Robert Weller has written an informative contribution to the continuity in blogging, which I recommend to you to read.

Blog tips 13 – Link to related posts from other bloggers

Also, when it seems initially absurd: Try to link to other bloggers and their posts. This has different advantages for you: You attract other bloggers to you and you may have the opportunity to place a guest contribution on their blogs – which will, in turn, bring new readers. So it increases your popularity. In addition, Google may not have dead ends on the Internet. Because the Internet lives by linking and making its essence. This way, external links also match your search engine optimization. And finally, you want yourself to be linked to your posts – so you go the best example.

Blog Tips 14 – Read the contributions of other bloggers

However, the previous tip requires you to track the posts in other blogs. Where else should you know what you can link to? Reading time is by no means dead or wasted time. Reading other blogs gives you other advantages:

  • You extend your horizon,
  • You remain informed in your industry,
  • You can connect with other bloggers,
  • You are engaged in targeted monitoring and monitoring
  • You get lots of new ideas and ideas for your own blog.

Blog Tips 15 – Leave comments on other blogs

This tip has only indirectly to do with blogging but is very important to make your blog known. The nice thing about blogs is the possibility of interaction. With your readers and your customers. If no one comments on you, you are sad and feel that you are being observed, but no one can talk to you.

That is why go ahead with a good example. Take the five minutes it takes to write a small comment while reading the other blogs. Reward the blogger if you liked his post by writing a few nice words to him. Ask questions if you want to know more. Go into the critical discourse if you do not agree with what you read.

Maybe you know the blogger personally because it is a business owner from your neighborhood. Then it is especially nice if you can throw the balls against each other.

The commenting thus promotes not only the exchange but also the networking. Especially since you can also very charmingly point to your own blog and the blog address can deposit. If the blogger has not placed the comment links on “no follow”, you will get a backlink to your blog – and this is good for the search engine optimization!

Blog Tips 16 – Use images, but pay attention to copyright

So exciting to read your posts, do not forget the pictures! The human being is an eye animal and at least one contribution picture you should treat your blog. Just because the contribution is shared when you share your contribution in the social media. What brings me to the subject of copyright. According to current jurisprudence, you have to name the author of an image directly on or in the picture. For example in the form © Hänschen Klein – stockdatenbank.xy. (You can simply use the Alt key and the numbers 0-1-6-9 on the numeric block to create the copyright symbol). To forget this, you can bring an expensive warning. An exception is photos with the so-called CC0 license.

Better still are equal pictures. Digital cameras are no longer expensive today, and you probably have a smartphone. Shoot pictures of your business at any time, prepare a large project when working with your clients, and prepare for any other occasions you may need. Then you know that the pictures belong to you and you do not have to name an author.

But beware.

There is also a legal trap here. If there are people in your photos, then you definitely need their written (!) Consent, that they agree with a publication on the Internet!

Blog Tips 17 – Ask for and react to comments

Not everyone is on the way, as you become a professional blogger. Many people are reading blogs without blogging. These do not necessarily mean that you are waiting for a comment.

That is why it is important that you ask the reader at the end of your blog contribution at the latest to make a comment. You’ve been reading here for a while. Do you remember? At the beginning, I asked you to leave your questions as a comment. I will also ask you again at the end of the article.

The call to leave a comment is called “Call to Action”, or CTA for short. This does not necessarily have to be the prompt for a comment. You can also request to subscribe to your newsletter, come to your shop, grab the phone to call and make an appointment, or whatever else you think. Just be careful not to ask more than a request – because then your reader does not know what to do.

Blog Tips 18 – Apply your posts in social media

Nothing is more frustrating for a blogger than having no readers.

With the blogging it behaves as with your business or your advice: Without that, you make for advertising, no one will come. By chance, at first someone seldom comes by at first – and until you make it for a keyword on page 1 on Google, you will also need a while.

So use social media to share your blog posts. How this works in detail, I explain to you in the upcoming blog contributions.

Blog tips 19 – Use blogs to make your blog better known

My 24 best blog tips and tricks for beginners-Use blogs to make your blog better knownBlog parades are a great thing. Usually, they are well-established and well-known bloggers who ask for blogs. A blog parade is a collection of contributions from different bloggers to a particular topic at a particular time. Up to a given date, anyone who feels addressed will have the opportunity to write a contribution to the chosen topic. Through a comment, you inform the host of the Blog parade that you also wrote a post. As a rule, your post will be linked and you will get many new readers, because the authors of the other posts are also all curious, what the others have written. Take the time, at least some of the other posts to read and comment. So you learn a lot, you can network and prove your competence. If you are later known, you can even a blog parade. On the Blog Bloganfänger.de, you can find out more about Blog parade.

Blog tips 20 – Keep your software (WordPress & Plugins) up to date

Now something technical! WordPress is one of the most widely used blogs – and not without reason. Unfortunately, this also causes many hackers to try to crack these blogs. Without now to clarify the reasons (this would really blow up this article), it is important to me that you keep your software on the server up to date. With every update, security holes are stuffed. The faster you install the update, the faster and better you are protected. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about, my first blog, the marketing oasis, was hacked in the fall of 2008. In my need, because I did not find the gap, I deleted everything. I could be much more today!

Blog Tips 21 – Extend and improve your blog continuously

At first, you can not think of everything and at the beginning, you do not understand what should be good for what. What are widgets? Why do I need social media links? How do I create a pop-up? Where can I get meaningful statistics? These questions can throw you back and prevent you from starting with blogging at all. My advice: Relax! Begin to learn step by step what you need at all and how it works. But keep up to date and improve your blog continuously. Because something new is constantly being invented – and who knows, maybe this is the last bit that makes your blog successful!

Blog tips 22 – Monitor your visitor numbers

It is best to set smart targets for your blog in advance. Smart targets – this is an acronym:

Stands for specific,

For measurable,

For accepted,

For realistic and

For terminated.

Only if you set smart targets, you can decide whether what you are doing and the resulting results are successful – or not.

But you have to start by defining and measuring your key figures. As you can, you will also learn in one of the future posts.

Blog tips 23 – Use your blog to earn newsletter subscribers

If you have a lot of readers on your blog.

Nice when they come back.

Nice to have a long time on your sides.

But what if nobody comes into your business or calls you and is charged with your service? You can not go after it!

Who were all the readers?

This is where the newsletter comes into play. Only with the e-mail address, you have the chance to know who your readers really are. Only with the e-mail address you can address your readers directly and give them a concrete offer. Only with the e-mail address, you can ask directly to the dialogue.

That’s why there are pop-ups on most blogs, which invite you to subscribe to the newsletter. You should also do this.

When you have arrived here, a SlideIn should appear from the right, asking you to do so exactly. If you click this, you will be prompted to sign up again when you leave the site. I do not want to annoy you, but I would like to get to know you and regularly send you my news and from time to a great offer. This is not bad, no one hurts and you should do it. 🙂

Blog Tips 24 – Have patience, the success does not come overnight

About blogging new customers to win, proven to work – but it does not go overnight. You have to stay on the ball and write regularly. You have to apply for your contributions. And you have to interact with your readers.

All this is work and costs time – but it also brings success. Apart from the time invested, it is the most cost-effective way to advertise your local business. I would like to accompany you on your way to your new customers. So read, subscribe to my newsletter and write me in the comments, how you liked the 24 tips and what you would like to know. Thank you!

Read My 24 Best Blogging Tips in PDF

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