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Twitter Marketing Mistakes

Are You Making These Twitter Marketing Mistakes?

Twitter Marketing Mistakes

Twitter has gradually captured the attention of many organizations because of its effectiveness to drive action among the consumers. It is a simple platform where 56% of the users are professionals, who have created an account solely to buy twitter followers or business purposes. Twitter publicly demonstrates the commitment of an organization to converse directly with the prospective as well as existing customers. Therefore, it becomes essential to avoid the common marketing mistakes that may negatively influence your business or brand on the path to get more followers on twitter. The most common mistakes or pitfalls are discussed below:

a.) Inappropriate Visual Branding

Inappropriate Visual Branding

There is no doubt that you will comprehensively utilize the 140 character field in your profile with interesting sentences, but what matters more is how you design or arrange the visual effects of your twitter page to complement your brand. The background image, page font color and shape, description, and icons should be in tune with the brand that you are endorsing. The homepage should be able to attract consumers and interact with them in an amusing manner. Visual Branding is the prime solution to your query on how to get more followers on twitter.

b.) Irrelevant conversations

Irrelevant conversations

Twitter gives you an opportunity to stand and deliver when a certain group of customers has asked you to join a conversation. Listening to their views or queries is the most important aspect of achieving your goals. Managing the reputation of your brand is a critical part of twitter marketing. However, this can easily be achieved by monitoring the keywords; and responding to the tweets in an organized, yet relevant manner. This will assist you to get more followers on twitter.

c. ) Failure to Interact

Failure to Interact

When a customer has super fixed your brand or company’s name with a hashtag, then it certainly implies that he/she is trying to share something with you. Inability to respond to their tweets signifies that you are not concerned about them. You should try to avoid this to as much extent as possible. If it is not possible to reply to all the queries or tweets, hire more than one person solely for this job. And if hiring is not an appropriate option, then try to respond in the simplest manner with one or two words.

d.) Tweets are boring or too much tweeting

Tweets are boring or too much tweeting

You can’t afford to flood the homepage of your followers all the time by tweeting only about your company or website. Too much or too less tweeting are both harmful to the brand value. Five to ten tweets a day is the appropriate number. Likewise, your tweets should be interesting to buy twitter followers. They should talk about the latest trends, news, competitors, and other topics that may fascinate them. Customers have selected to follow you for a reason. Try not to disappoint them by talking monotonously. The 4-1-1 model can be followed to get maximum output with minimal effort. It implies that for every tweet concerning your product or service, there is one promotional tweet related to it, and the other four tweets talk about the analogous content available all around the web. Talking too much about a single product can severely turn off your followers, who may head towards some other similar product or service available in the market.

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