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Video Marketing - 4 Tips For Handling Fear Of Criticism

Video Marketing: 4 Tips For Handling Fear Of Criticism

When you first create videos you are completely unaware of how you look and sound on camera. Individuals often feel utterly self-conscious after viewing themselves on camera. You might look awkward or sound funny, at least in your own mind, if you are new to seeing yourself on video. Take heart. Almost all video creation experts suffered through this period of deep self-conscious fears.

Video Marketing - 4 Tips For Handling Fear Of Criticism

You might feel people are apt to make fun of your delivery, or your voice, or how you appear on the video. These ideas are merely fears, more specifically, the fear of criticism, and when you decide to address these fears you can more easily move forward and spread the word about your product or service through video marketing. Remember that virtually all critics are simply envious of you and your courage, and wish they could shoot videos like you do. Take their criticism as a compliment to overcome your fears.

Understand that Criticism Has Nothing to Do with You

What people say about you has everything to do with them and has nothing to do with you. This idea helps you immediately in handling the fear of criticism. If someone makes fun of how you look or how you speak the individual simply despises how they look or speak on video, or lacks the courage to even shoot a video.

Understand that Criticism Has Nothing to Do with You

Do not take their criticism to heart. Understand all negative criticisms are simply a projection of the individual, placing their deeply held criticisms of self on you.  Believe in this idea and rarely are you bothered by any sort of criticism.

Practice Developing Your Video Presentation Skills

One way to kill the fear of criticism is to develop confidence in your video presentation skills. Believe in yourself and your abilities by perfecting your craft. Once you become comfortable with how you look and sound on the camera you are far less likely to be affected by the random criticisms of individuals. You know your presentation is good, and even though some criticism might sting a little bit, you ultimately do not let feedback bother you.

Video Presentation Skills

You also realize that some criticism is helpful, but might be delivered in a negative manner. Some people offer gems but lack tact. Knowing your videos are helpful, informative, and well thought out can help you embrace criticism and use the suggestions as fuel for improvement.

The more comfy you become in front of a camera the more easily you take feedback or suggestions in stride because you realize that you are adept at what you do, and anybody who offers you overtly negative criticisms simply has a problem with themselves, not you.

Be Open to Criticism

Even the most negative, hurtful criticism can help you. For example, someone might note in a negative manner that you seem to look everywhere but the camera when presenting your videos. Other people might make fun of your backdrop, or some other aspect of your video, which influences you to shoot your videos in a higher energy, pleasant to look at the location.

Be Open to Criticism

Be open to all criticism no matter how much an individual attempts to hurt you. Most people are helpful and only offer the most positive criticism. Some people are unhappy individuals and might share their criticism from a hateful, angry place. Take a deep breath. Just because individuals act in a nasty manner does not mean these folks are lying. Many critics share hurtful feedback because they are angry, or they are simply delivering a truth you wished to ignore for a sustained period.

Once the truth hits home you feel the sting. No worries, though. Be open, learn from the feedback and prosper.

Be Patient

Be Patient

Working through the fear of criticism takes time. Be patient and kind to yourself, create videos and build your internet marketing campaign on a solid foundation.

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