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A Success Story of an Entrepreneur

A Success Story of an Entrepreneur – Ghulam Ali Success Story

How to rank Amazon Affiliate Sites on 1st Page by using Expired domains in less than 2 months.

Today I am going to share a success story of an entrepreneur Mr. Ghulam Ali who ranked his Amazon Affiliate Website within 2 months so, brace yourself and read every step carefully to come to know how to rank Amazon affiliate website on 1st page by using an expired domain.

Let’s get started and see how he did!

A Success Story of an Entrepreneur

It’s better to work on expired domain instead of a new domain but expired domain should have high authority. So without wasting time I show you how to find high authority domain for my Amazon Affiliate website?

How To Find High Authority Expired Domain?

Step1: Picked top websites having huge backlinks profile checked outgoing backlinks by using ahrefs tool and downloaded all the website links

Step 2: After getting all links I checked the domain availability by using free tool namebright.com for bulk searches and download the list of domains which are available to buy.

Step 3: First of all I check Domain Authority and Page Authority of each domain which I found with status available to buy. For checking Domain Authority and Page Authority I used Robin Gupta Page Authority checker where allow you to check 50 domains at once. There are some other free tools available on the Internet to check domain authority and page authority.

After checking DA and PA I had a short list of the domains with high DA and PA, but before final decision to buy I needed to check some more things which really help me to rank my Amazon Affiliate Website.

Checked Some More Factors:

Step 4: I checked the backlinks profile of every domain to see there should not be Chinese backlinks. (Every Chinese backlink is not spam)

Step 5: I checked way back history to make sure history is clean like no Chinese content, no redirects. I used archive.org for performing this task.

Step 6: I also checked that website is not part of Private Blog Network (PBN)

By following the above steps I finalized the domain and registered my selected domain and hosted it in June 2018 and make it live on 2nd July 2018.

I wrote a huge piece of content for the keyword “Cheap Vlogging Camera with Flip Screen” and published the content doing some basic on-page tweaks like:

  1. Used Keyword in Title
  2. In Image Alt Tag used Keyword
  3. In first 100 words used keyword
  4. Keyword in H2
  5. Keyword in the body (Natural sprinkled and did not count how many time I inserted)

After publishing the content I left the website and didn’t even make a single backlink. Within 2 months I ranked this website on #3 Google first page in the US.

Post Url: https://externalww1shoppingsite.com/best-cheap-vlogging-cameras-with-flip-screen/

Country: USA

A Success Story of an Entrepreneur - Ghulam Ali

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