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outlook features

Some Cool Features To Know About Outlook

outlook features

View inbox immediately

When you start Outlook Express displays an overview page. Do you want instead immediately have your messages in views, open your email client? Then click on Tools, in the drop-down list, click on options Then follows a click on When starting directly to the “Inbox” folder change, so before a tick appears. Finally, click OK. Future changes Outlook Express to start immediately in the inbox.

Mark read messages

On the program window, click Tools, go to Options And reading. Check the location message after 5 second (s) Read a hook. It is not the case, set it by clicking on the empty box. You now change the default value 5. To do double-click it and tap about 2 for two seconds display time. It follows a click on Okay. In future, all the emails that you consider at least two seconds in the preview window marked as read. you may be able to access when are hotmail login in your inbox.

Leave email on the mail server

Are you annoyed when a message has disappeared from your Internet mailbox because you have it already loaded on your home computer? Thus, the e-mails remain on the mail server: In Outlook Express, first on Tools and then Accounts. In the window, double-click the account, in the example on pop.mail.yahoo. In the next window, click Advanced. Put in a copy of messages on the server by clicking a hook. Then click OK and Close.

Switch off automatic sending and receiving messages

Get when you start your email program often an error message such as The connection to the server has been a mistake? Then the program tries to fetch messages, even when there was no Internet connection. To turn the automatic feature off: Close the error message, first by clicking on X. Then click Extras and in the drop-down list, click Options … In the next window, click on the two tick against the messages when you start Outlook Express send messages and check for new messages every 30 minute (s) to remove it. Save the change by clicking OK. But: Outlook Express brings new post will no longer automatically. If you want, some see if there are new messages in your mailbox, you have to connect to the Internet.

Avoid duplicate messages in the mailbox

Blame for duplicate messages in the Inbox folder is a corrupt file. Exit Outlook Express and look for the corrupted file that caused the error. Only launch the search clicks on the Windows Start icon, the search magnifying glass and records and folders. In the box under All or part of the archive name: type in the following file names: Pop3uidl.dbx. Click More options. Verify that each one hook is facing system folders and hidden files. It is not the case, click both entries to set the hook. The following is a mouse click on Search. After some time, a list of search results appears. Click once on Pop3uidl.dbx to highlight the entry. It will be highlighted in blue. Then press the Delete key to delete the incorrect file. done

Hide recipient addresses

Do you want the recipient address of an email for more addresses remains invisible? Then you need to tap the “secret” addresses in the BCC line (Blind Carbon Copy). But this line is often hidden. To make them visible: Start Outlook Express, and open by clicking on New Email a new e-mail window. Tap a recipient. Then click View and All Headers. Now look at the BCC line. Click the empty box next to Bcc: and enter the address that should not be visible.

Automatically insert contact

Especially in official emails, it is important to specify your contact details at the end. The easiest way is with a signature go to www.hotmail.com Start Outlook Express. Click Tools. Mouse clicks on Options follow this …, signatures and new … Tap your contact. Then, enter your signature a name. For this first click Rename, and then typing a name, for example, Privat1. Then press the enter key. Click Add to all outgoing messages signatures so that the left will display a checkmark in the box. It follows a click on OK. If you now by clicking on New Email Open a new email window, you see your signature at the end of the message.

Create a distribution list

Start Outlook Express, and open the address book by clicking on the address. Click once on the little arrow on New, then click New group … Enter the group name a, a, about Skat-club, and click Select members. Click the contact that you want to add to the distribution list. The following is a mouse click on Select->. Repeat this step until you have added all the contacts. Click OK, then again OK and X. Click New E-Mail and To:. Then click twice on the new distribution list, in the example Skat-club, and click OK again. Will appear the

Check spelling automatically

Emails full of spelling mistakes do not look good. To play it safe, you can check your messages before sending for spelling errors. In Outlook Express, click Tools. This is followed by mouse clicks on the items Options … and spelling. Click Spelling always check before sending, so that a tick appears in the box. Close this window by clicking on OK. In future automatically checks your email client all messages before dispatch for spelling errors and propose any necessary corrections.

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