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The Payoneer Prepaid-Debit MasterCard® Card

Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard. Received with virtual US account ACH and Direct depositsThe Payoneer Prepaid Master Card-01

Differs in some basic things from the German-based suppliers.

Among other things, the fact that they can be applied even in the case of a negative Schufa since no bank account / current account is required and the order is independent of the purchase questionnaire. It also works like a virtual credit card and offers the possibility to simply charge money by PayPal.

  • No current account required
  • Cash worldwide at all ATMs with MasterCard® characters
  • Can be used online and offline in shops

For this purpose, both the US Payment Service and the EU Payment Service are available as a virtual account in your personal Payoneer account. Payoneer is a company for global online payment solutions and was founded in 2005 as a provider of mass payments in the affiliate area.

Competent customer support is available 24/7 for questions in 35 different languages. For the registration and opening of your Payoneer account, they are automatically routed to the German language registration page due to the country recognition of the browser. It is thus ensured that they can easily register the registration without English knowledge.

Payoneer offers you a new way to receive payments. Fast, secure and discreetly the greatest flexibility for your money.  The Payoneer Prepaid Master Card Connected to your card is a virtual US account including US bank code. Also available is the EU Payment Service with a virtual IBAN connection.  The Payoneer Prepaid Master Card Funds received from selected US companies, such as PayPal, Amazon, Apple and others via ACH / Direct Transfer.  The Payoneer Prepaid Master Card

Payoneer US Payment Service

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PayPal with the Prepaid MasterCard® card

… is now quite simple by linking to the virtual US account.

In order to connect a PayPal account (or other such as ClickBank) to Payoneer, log in to Payoneer and find the option “Your US Payment Service Information” under “Payments received” in the menu above> My “US Payment Service”. The necessary data, that is, the routing and the ABN number, and the name of the US bank are shown in the form of a virtual check, which will then be entered into a bank account according to the forms of the payment services. This procedure is just as straightforward as adding a German bank account to PayPal or requesting your own PayPal account. Once your virtual US account is added, you can use this account to charge your prepaid credit card with PayPal.

As an alternative to the US Payment Service, you can also use the EU Payment Service, which is also available in your Payoneer account.

(Currently, PayPal seems to have changed the conditions, but there is no guarantee as to whether it is possible to deposit the virtual US account at PayPal Germany)

As you can see in the picture, PayPal offers for Germany the option to add a US bank account officially on the PP website.

If this option does not suit you, maybe the Viabuy card an alternative for her?

As an alternative to the US Payment Service, you can also use the EU Payment Service, which is also available in your Payoneer account.

(Currently, PayPal seems to have changed the conditions, but there is no guarantee as to whether it is possible to deposit the virtual US account at PayPal Germany)

Companies like Apple, Amazon, and Co,

As well as ClickBank, to name but a small selection, do their commissions and remunerations. Payoneer is your reliable, serious and proven partner, who offers the possibility to make money quickly and easily through the Prepaid MasterCard® card. Simply charge with PayPal or other virtual credit. And you can either pay online or shop anywhere where you can pay with MasterCard®. And, of course, you can also cash out cash with the MasterCard® sign in cash. Both the listed partners as well as the payment providers themselves are known as serious, as thousands of affiliates confirm with their positive experiences. In addition to PayPal, Payoneer has been one of the largest and longest market-based payment providers since 2005.

In the online marketing sector and for freelancers, a virtual Payoneer account with the associated card has long been a must-have for payment processing. Until now, those who were not able to apply for this card could only apply to active affiliates.

This access has now been extended by means of a special recommendation program. So you do not need to be a member of one of the affiliates to apply for your own Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard® card.

And as a special treat, there is currently $ 25 bonus for new customers to your card account, once the Verification is complete and payment receipts of a total of at least 100 $ were settled. Do not hesitate, for the unlimited duration of this offer is not guaranteed.

As with the virtual payment service PayPal, the application also requires the minimum age of 18 years.

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US-ACH / Direct Deposits also received without Social Security Number (SSN)

As a holder of a Payoneer account, you have a virtual US account number with a US bank code that is connected to the card. There is the possibility to receive US ACH / direct transfers from selected US companies, including PayPal, Amazon, Apple and others. Thus, they can simply charge their prepaid credit card via PayPal with ACH.

This option also makes it possible to easily receive payments from US co-operation in Germany. Anyone who has already had experience with payouts from America by check and corresponding waiting times knows this uncomplicated way to get his money, guaranteed. Since European payment transactions are not compatible with the USA despite modern procedures such as IBAN and SEPA transfers, only the very time- and cost-intensive alternatives by check or wire transfer remained. And as a nonresident alien, it is not possible to apply for an account directly at a US bank online.

Of course, you can access your virtual account directly from your iOS / Android device using the corresponding Payoneer app.

Attention! Important:

Your Payoneer account is managed exclusively in USD.

This means that a surcharge of MasterCard® for currency conversion will be charged for all payments not made in US dollars. Experience shows that this is a negligible factor because of the cost and time savings of other methods of paying out money from US companies.

The virtual card account is not registered with Schufa GmbH and there is no credit check. You can also request your Payoneer Prepaid-Debit MasterCard® card in spite of negative Schufa entries and have a serious payment in hand with this prepaid credit card. What does not mean that they now have a completely anonymous credit card? Payoneer also works strictly according to the “Know Your Customer” principle. (KYC 2)

Finally, the top rankings of Payoneer should be mentioned at several awards, for example at the renowned http://www.inc.com Business Magazine.

How do I activate my Payoneer Prepaid-Debit MasterCard® card?

By debit/credit card, any money can be deposited into your Payoneer account.

Payoneer will release this feature if at least three transactions have occurred previously through the US payment service from a connected affiliate partner, e.g. The Prepaid MasterCard® is charged with PayPal.

The payment receipt can either be done by specifying the card number or (comparable to PayPal) via the email address with which your Payoneer Prepaid-Debit MasterCard® card is registered so that your card data remain largely anonymous. In this way, they avoid the unpleasant experience of the virtual data clause guaranteed. Of course, you should always check whether the business contacts are legitimate, in order to rule out risks, before transmitting their data, particularly in the anonymous virtual world.

Payoneer US Payment Service

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No MLM or refinancing program

This site is in no way linked to eVision, similar sounding or trading companies and their distribution models which, due to their distribution structures, cause additional costs for activation, annual fee, etc.

Anyone who orders via the referral link here on http://www.makhan.org/payoneer-prepaid-debit-mastercard/ his Payoneer card orders DIRECT at Payoneer without detours to the currently valid conditions issued by Payoneer.

This kind of referral is accessible to every holder of a Payoneer without further costs.