52 professional tips to improve your blog – Tip 17: Read

A simple, but in my opinion quite important tip for bloggers, I have today in the luggage.

It’s about writing blog articles and an easy way to make this easier and better.

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52 Professional tips to improve your blog

Tip 17 – Read

Blogging Tip 17- Reading

Anyone who wants to write should also read according to my experience.

However, I know some bloggers who barely read anything, whether online or offline. And then they wonder why it is so hard for them to write articles themselves.

Therefore, I can only recommend fewer videos online and instead read more. 😉

This has, among other things, these two advantages:


By reading online articles, magazines, books or whatever, one gets very easy on new ideas.

At the beginning of my “blog career”, I was very hard with new ideas. But by reading a lot myself, I have been getting more and more simple ideas more and more often, so I have no problems at all.

So, if you suffer from spam or lack of ideas, you should read more.


Very important to me was also the expansion of the vocabulary, which takes place automatically by the reading of other texts automatically.

Now, of course, not everyone has to be able to write like a writer, but it is very helpful when one can express something better and more flexible.

In addition, it makes it easier to explain specific issues, and the writing becomes quicker and easier.


This is a very short and at first sight simple tip, but in my opinion, a very important one.

Whoever wants to write should read. So you can get to the point.

Or do you see it differently?


Think about how much you actually read and what you read.

It is also highly recommended to read texts from a different subject area than usual.